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Motor Vehicle Accident 24-Hour Emergency Room for Immediate Care

ER doctors treat car crash victims needing urgent care
in League City, Houston Metro area, TX

A first responder placing a neck brace for whiplash symptoms on a motor vehicle accident victim.

Auto crash injuries needing emergency treatment

Motor vehicle accident injuries and medical reports to help you file a personal injury insurance claim

Looking for a “Car Accident Doctor Near Me”? South Shore ER is Open Right Now and Every Day/24 hours

The physicians at our emergency room have the training and equipment to treat any medical emergency. Our ER is always staffed with experienced, caring emergency medical doctors, and equipped with onsite life-saving radiology equipment to quickly diagnose and treat both moderate and severe injuries.

A car crash victim holding his head in his hands.

You don’t need to be critically injured in an automobile accident to require emergency care. We also see victims of car wreck injuries who require procedures like:

  • Whiplash diagnosis
  • Head injury evaluation
  • Chest injury treatment
  • Cuts requiring stitches and sanitizing
  • Sprain examination and x-rays
  • Broken bone setting and casting
  • Back injury, whether minor or severe 

South Shore ER has minimum wait times with no appointment required. You can come here on your own, with a friend, or have a private ambulance service bring you in, and our professional medical staff will take care of you quickly.

We have on-site x-ray, CT scan and ultrasound equipment plus a full medical laboratory, so that you don’t have to be relocated for these critical exams. We provide rapid diagnosis and treatment without delays or waiting on outside lab results.

Don’t wait for your car accident injury to get worse.

Get to the ER for an immediate examination by a qualified doctor.

Driving Directions to South Shore ER:

Car Crash Injuries Treated at South Shore ER

Over 38,000 Americans die in car crashes every year, and more than four million people are injured in an auto accident annually. Those are the reported numbers – but many more people who are injured fail to seek treatment until underlying problems appear days, weeks, or months after a motor vehicle accident.

Many car accident injuries we treat at our emergency room are immediately evident, but that’s not always the case.

For instance, delayed back pain after an automobile accident or the later appearance of whiplash symptoms are often not linked to the crash.

South Shore ER sometimes gets calls from car crash injury victims who ask, “How long do you have to see a doctor after an auto accident?”

A woman with neck pain following a motor vehicle accident.

The medical answer is that you should see an auto accident doctor as quickly as possible to get checked for injuries, whether you think you were hurt in the accident or not.

Don’t risk missing the symptoms of whiplash. Remember that it may be weeks after the car accident that back pain, neck pain, or other medical problems from an MVA (motor vehicle accident) can first appear. Get a motor vehicle accident injury evaluation right away.

A Special Note About Whiplash Injury

Many of the car accident patients we treat have received a “whiplash injury.” Whiplash (also called “neck sprain” or “neck strain”) is caused by the sudden, forceful movement of the head in either direction during a car crash.

Symptoms of whiplash sometimes aren’t evident immediately, but can later cause excruciating neck pain, headaches, low back pain, difficulty concentrating, shoulder pain, and other serious consequences.

Don’t wait to get examined following an automobile accident.

The physicians and staff at South Shore ER are specially trained to diagnose car accident injuries you may not yet realize you have.

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